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World of Landbreaker

Shield ShatterWorld's Edge does not prescribe a specific campaign world and will fit to any low-fantasy or grim setting. World's Edge provides a world of ancient scars and mysteries called Landbreaker. The system lends itself to a realistic, grittier action packed world in which brutal combat, dangerous magic, and grim or dark heroic characters lead.

The system and the world of Landbreaker are all tuned toward our favorite settings and flavors. This is not the golden age of a world; there may have never been a golden age.  Perhaps that is a myth told of in legends, when around us there is a world torn by strife, scarred by ancient wrongs, and full of confusion.  Our world is rife with corruption, crime, poverty but the people are hardened and strengthened by their woes.

Among this turbulence, people live, die and struggle, making stories, legends and infamous tales.  Here, morality is far from clear cut. There are few those who stand out as beacons of good or are cloaked in shadowed black, but most of the world is living in a great wash of gray. Villains are not hopelessly evil, nor are the heroes necessarily pure good--in fact, "heroes' are just people in the story, and they have problems, faults, weakness, but they also possess strength and determination. How they use all these qualities and what path they tread in life is up to you.

The World of Landbreaker

It is too old, with too many depths to truly remember or know...
"This world that we call ours, the one that we live, fight, and die in is named Landbreaker. It is an expansive place, too wide to ever truly be settled, or to know its boundaries. It is a wild place, simply too varied and stubborn to ever be conquered or truly subdued. It is an ancient place. Perhaps this is most important, how old it is. Time and history only add layers, and we only see and live on the outer shell. It is too old, with too many depths to truly remember or know all that has passed before, or to own its history, to own it."

-Gallain Na"Cesne, Famous Cartographer

History, you could say. It's all just history....
"Landbreaker is a grim, medieval world, spread across an endless content, nestled against an endless ocean. On the richest shore is nestled the center of the human empire, the height of human civilization. All around the central empire lie the Fringes, deep valleys receding from civilization, leaking out the kindness and humanity found in the central plains. Except there is little kindness in the central plains, and empire might be too generous of a description. The central empire is dotted with hive cities, massive warrens of people, and the land is farmed, mined, and scourged of resources. Not to mentioned fought over. At the head of the empire sits the eternal, God-King, high lord Ysavan, Savior of Humanity, Patriarch of the Golden Empire. Yes, he has a following, armies of priests in every city and is 'in charge.' But the constantly feuding nobility, and the priests of the seven other major religions have as much power as he. And the land they lived on was not always there--it was taken from the elven people and their dead gods, by force. But that was hundreds of years ago, and it was a war fought over wrongs done by both sides. History, you could say. It's all just history."

-Gegid Iron-Hand, Exiled Priest of Ysavan

Varied, disparate and spread are its people...
"Our world is simply too varied to sum up or describe in short. But I will fail trying: along the edges of the human empire the lands are shared between tribes, creatures, and cities of many folk; orcs, goblins, wild mountain men, and a loose network of humans who live in cities or villages. To the north east of the fringes, the Great Desert covers a once fertile plain with its heat and its sand. Only Fenrians and orcs live there. Across the sandy divide rise the northern greats, mountains that spread effortlessly northward. On the doorstep of these mountains live the hill dwarves, clustered close to the gates of the old Mountain Dwarven cities, shut against them now as if they were naughty children to be taught a lesson. And the elves, you ask? Ha, they are few and hard to find in these times, the fae. More likely you are to meet a spirit of nature, mountain, or of city, for they hide everywhere and are willing to talk to those with the right words."

-Nratoshk, Orc Shaman, on his Wandering of the Fringe

For some, the end of the road...
"Vestmarch is for some the end of the road, and others the beginning, the frontier. Nested in one of the long river valleys of the norther fringe, it is isolated in its way, and yet connected. Two days by boat down the Everett river will bring you to Kincaid, a veritable cross roads in this wilderness. And, ha, how can you be isolated when you have so many neighbors living in the hills and mountains around you? Orcs, the men of the Henth mountains, brigands--its a friendly river valley we have all settled along. Perhaps my common tongue is bad, I don't think friendly is quite the right word. But it is a place of movement, Vestmarch; commerce booms, and with it crime and corruption. A growing class of people who like to style themselves as nobles are meddling in the cities affairs, in peoples affairs. We are deep enough into the fringe that the ridiculous things that are allowed among nobility in the central empire, such as assassinations with the proper tithing and rituals, are simply handled illegally here. Its cheaper, its easier, and no one is preaching the God-Emperor's grace in this town anyway."

-Tnath, Hill Dwarven Hunter, who after running his quarry to ground in Vestmarch, decided to stay

Many have come to this world, many have faded away... or been thrown down in hot blooded battles
"Unity and disunity, pillars of creation and destruction. While possibly counter-intuitive, there is great safety in disunity of a people, and I believe that the orc, and human races understand this. Each tribe or segment of these people live their own destiny, following their own path. Some of them live wild and 'uncivilized' in the hills, while others engage in commerce, or live in cities. Their gods and deities seem as countless as the stars in the sky; they have forgotten their old gods, if they ever had them Even the hill dwarves, though they are better at hiding it, are deeply divided along clan and family lines. Likewise there is great danger in unity, a great vulnerability. Our people suffered this less than six hundred years ago. Our people gathered together under one banner, our gods, our brothers, sons and daughters, to fight for our unity and our homeland. A moment of unity creates a beating heart, at center to the being, allowing it to be destroyed with a single calculated blow. And such was our fate, cast back into disunity, perhaps for eternity."

-Illuian, Mountain Warder of the Elven community of Evenire, far northern mountains

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