World's Edge - Role Playing Game
published by Straight Out of Darkness Games

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Illuchia - Elven AssassinWorld's Edge is a fantasy role playing game that focuses on a harsh world, savage combat, and character-driven game play.

Be it in the dark and seedy alleys of the great cities, across the high seas, among the ragged firs of the deep and untamed Fringe, or lost in a blizzard on the great northern glacier, World"s Edge wraps you in a darker, grittier world of fantasy role playing.

Complete Skill Based System

Characters learn just as real people do, based on talent, challenge, and effort.  Without a limitation of a profession or class, you are free to pursue that which fits your vision of your character, and allow you to broad your character in new and exciting ways.  All of your avenues of advancement (broad skills, combat, magic, statistic training) are based within the expressive skill system, allowing for unparalleled variation in character growth.  Characters never run out of interesting avenues to explore or paths to tread.

When the Steel-Song Rings the Ravens Feed

Every clash of arms is a perilous risk, gambling life and limb upon quality of skill and daring.  Biting blades and bone-crushing hammers leave their scars upon even those who emerge triumphant.  The press of combat and wounds ratchet up tension, requiring comrades to step in or watch wounded friends fall beside them.  Realizing the savagery of medieval combat, you will weigh your options twice before committing to battle.

Amongst the flashing steel, warriors fight with distinctively.  The sheer variety of fighting styles, combat moves, and classes of weapons makes each warrior a unique and deadly presence on the battlefield.
World's Edge combat and tactics approximate reality, making it easy to step into your character's persona, and to hear the ringing steel around you.  The heightened tension of battle supports drama, cinematics, and the story.  It's quick, ferocious, and unpredictable.  It is those decisions made during the blood-pounding adrenaline rush of combat, when characters are pressed to their limits, which will mean the difference between life and death, heroism and villainy.

Paths of Mysticism

Magic is potent, raw manifestation of the supernatural forces within the world.  It may do great harm or great good, it may kill or stave off death, it's effects may be mighty or meek.  This is the magic of myth, story, and folktale.  It's not a toolbox of spells for combat and looting treasure from dungeons.
Spell weavers possess a rare gift and are tyrants, preachers, honest men, and selfish, just like those they live alongside.  They struggle with desire, fate, and the questions of morality and existence.  Whatever powers they may focus, channel, or manifest, their struggles are human struggles.

Those who share an unbreakable bond to the divine draw strength from the spirits, forces, or god they reverence.  They shape the destiny of the world around them as they take up the mantle of the divine, manifesting the archetypal nature of their gods through their magic.

Others command the raw winds of magic with sheer willpower, relying solely on their own strength and internal reserves of talent.  Mages study and master the art of spell weaving through their own drive, individual experimentation, and from the veiled and cryptic insights gleaned from the knowledge and lore of the past.  To tread this path is to channel and weave the fundamental forces binding the world together, from summoning the power of the light and dark elements to manipulating the veil separating the living from the dead.

The wide array of magical spheres and domains allow you to tailor your magical powers to your character's style or interests.  As you grow into your magical talents, you can push your old spells beyond their previous limits by forcing more magic through their spell patterns, but increasing the risk of disaster.  And as each caster grows, she personalizes not only her array of spells and magics, but also defines her own way of casting, learning styles ranging from the weaving of divine signs and warpaints to the art of calling forth barrages of magic with but a single word of power.

News and Events

Early July, 2010
  • Wolf's Fangs playtesting adventure will be run at Pandemonium Books, Boston.
    Contact to sign-up in advance!
June 28, 2010
  • Further web-site restructuring and enhancements. New content and sections coming soon!
June 27, 2010
  • Dimgulch Bastion playtesting adventure run at JiffyCon Boston.
June, 2010
  • Color artwork projects under-way!
April 09, 2010
  • Updated character sheets posted. Now available for download
March, 2010
  • Core playtesting in on-going campaigns in Boston