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The Fringe

At the edges and outskirts of the empires, unions, and civilized lands lies the Fringe.  An endless frontier, the Fringe encompasses all manner of wild lands, jungles, mountain ranges and swamps.  The inhabitants of the Fringe are spread out amongst larger cities, military forts and outposts, small villages, isolated farms and mines, and strung across the winding and unpredictable roads of the back country.
The Fringe stretches for hundreds of miles both east and west of the Nhorvingian center, squeezed between the southern seas and the Waste, broken here and there by spurs of the Landbreaker mountains and inlets from the ocean.  The vast majority of the territory is unclaimed or uncivilized, with the towns and villages staying close to the coast, river valleys or major arteries of travel.  The mountainous heights, the deep hills, forests, swamps and even jungles are the domains of others; some friendly, some not.
The people of the Fringe are as varied as the landscape.  There are those who came from the central lands, pouring out into the frontier with a hunger for new lands and challenges.  In the Fringe they have encountered both friendly and dangerous natives, hillmen, civilized and barbaric Orc tribes, nomads, goblins, enclaves of elves, and a host of other peoples.  Some have struck and friendly of uneasy balance, but the Fringe is fraught with conflicts large and small, warfare and seasonal raiding.
In its relation the Nhorvingian empire, the Fringe plays a critical role.  With its many major ports dotting the coast line, abundant rivers leading inland and a hunger for expansion, the frontier provides a steady stream of goods, raw resources, and new ideas back to the central lands.  In return, the outcasts, outlaws, cast-out nobility, criminals, poor, and refugees of war pour out into the Fringes like a deluge over a flooding damn.  Amongst the stream of those fleeing or sneaking out of the imperial lands are those chasing the promise of wealth or of a new life: treasure hunters, profiteers, skilled crafters, novice or master spell weavers, gypsies and soldiers, new-blood nobility looking to start a dynasty from their riches, and religious zealots or missionaries.

News and Events

Early July, 2010
  • Wolf's Fangs playtesting adventure will be run at Pandemonium Books, Boston.
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June 28, 2010
  • Further web-site restructuring and enhancements. New content and sections coming soon!
June 27, 2010
  • Dimgulch Bastion playtesting adventure run at JiffyCon Boston.
June, 2010
  • Color artwork projects under-way!
April 09, 2010
  • Updated character sheets posted. Now available for download
March, 2010
  • Core playtesting in on-going campaigns in Boston