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Chasing Shadows in the High Dhraeg

There was a caravan road once that ran through the High Dhraeg.  But that was years ago, and a flood washed out an important bridge, and since then, the road has seen little more than the howling wind and a lone or lost traveler.  The Dhraeg has fallen into the domain of nature, a wild stretch of sharp hills and tree-covered crags, and only isolated villages dotted amongst it all. But, that is why the druid Kuaden has brought us here, seeking.  It is out of the Dhraeg that rumors of a great stag whispered, the rumors creeping down overgrown roads and eventually into the lowlands and cities.  As a follower of the Green Lady, and one desperate to meet her to ask a mighty boon, Kuaden has gathered the unlikely lot of us together to try to track down the beast.  He hopes, in fact, to track it back to its home, for a creature such as that--with four majestic horns rearing from its head--could only live with at the hall of the Green Lady herself. I myself cannot decide if I will take Kuaden up on his offer to stay behind in the Dhraeg if he is lucky enough to visit her hall.  I am fraught with both fear and curiosity, and doubt I will know my heart's decision until the moment I have to make it.

  • The Adventure: Chasing Shadows in the High Dhraeg is a one-shot adventure in which a group of travelers, mercenaries, and friends of the druid Kuaden travel into an extremely remote region to complete a divine task.  The hunt for the holy great stag must go on amongst local troubles and intervening competition.
  • The Play Style: An suspense and action-based story, where characters focused on completing their task must contend with the difficulties provided by being in such a remote location, cut off from supplies, the law, and an easy exit.  
  • The Time: Pending
  • The Place: Pandemonium Books and Games in Central Square
  • The System: World’s Edge, a gritty low-fantasy indie role-playing system currently undergoing development and play testing. Check out the website (
  • The Players: 3 to 4 people looking to have a good time and try something new
  • The Characters: A selection of pre-made characters

This play testing event will be run at Pandemonium Books in Boston in late summer, 2010.  If you are interested, email or sign up to be updated here.

News and Events

Early July, 2010
  • Wolf's Fangs playtesting adventure will be run at Pandemonium Books, Boston.
    Contact to sign-up in advance!
June 28, 2010
  • Further web-site restructuring and enhancements. New content and sections coming soon!
June 27, 2010
  • Dimgulch Bastion playtesting adventure run at JiffyCon Boston.
June, 2010
  • Color artwork projects under-way!
April 09, 2010
  • Updated character sheets posted. Now available for download
March, 2010
  • Core playtesting in on-going campaigns in Boston