World's Edge - Role Playing Game
published by Straight Out of Darkness Games

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World's Edge Online - Gritty, Low-Fantasy Role Playing Game

World's Edge is an indie RPG, a low-fantasy role playing game that focuses on harsh worlds, savage combat, darker mysteries of magic, and compelling stories. World's Edge provides a unique system that raises the challenge and tension levels of a role playing session to new heights. It's the quick, the smart, and the dead here. If you survive, you will have earned it, and you will enjoy your success all the more for it. Welcome to the Edge.

Boston Play Testing Events

Throughout the summer of 2010, the World's Edge team will be hosting play testing events at game stores in the Boston area. Join the low-fantasy and gritty adventure at the Edge! Contact to get involved!  Or, you can sign up for the play tester list by filling out this form.
World's Edge - Low-fantasy RPG

News and Events

Early July, 2010
  • Wolf's Fangs playtesting adventure will be run at Pandemonium Books, Boston.
    Contact to sign-up in advance!
June 28, 2010
  • Further web-site restructuring and enhancements. New content and sections coming soon!
June 27, 2010
  • Dimgulch Bastion playtesting adventure run at JiffyCon Boston.
June, 2010
  • Color artwork projects under-way!
April 09, 2010
  • Updated character sheets posted. Now available for download
March, 2010
  • Core playtesting in on-going campaigns in Boston